The work I do with my students and collaborators follows some of the research lines within molecular genetics and ecology. In particular, 

1) Use of genetic and genomic data to explore problems in ecology and evolution. This, in order to study the genetic relationships between individuals, populations and species of (mostly) vertebrates, as well as the diversity and genetic structuring of their populations.

2) Study the geographic & genomic distribution of lineages, at local and regional scales, to explore intraspecific and comparative phylogeography, diversification, hybridization and invasion processes. 

3) Study of genetic diversity patterns and the environment, to evaluate questions about landscape genomics, local adaptation, urban evolution and microbiome diversity. We also apply distribution modeling techniques to further explore the relationships between genetics, ecology and history.

4) Conservation biology and genetics, applying the information obtained by the research lines described above for the conservation of natural resources, the identification of species and populations at risk, and for the definition and management of threatened species and conservation areas.


4th International Biogeography Meeting, Mérida, México 2007, which we organised

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